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The Crack | 27.08. - 19.09.2010
Hege Samset

“One day they found a large crack in the earth. Beside it lay some objects scattered on the ground. An old lamp was still shining in the dark.”

The Crack is a visual and emotional story based on the discovery of a crack in the earth. At super bien! Hege Dons Samset will show an installation consisting of one photograph and objects. The installation is reconstructing a location that could be outside or inside, and suggesting through the objects, a story that happened in that place.

Hege Dons Samset is a visual artist living and working in Berlin and Oslo. She is using performance, photography, video and installation to look at the human being as an outsider, and how we survive in extreme situations and environments. Her landscapes are stages where she creates scenes and stories, fictive and real.





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