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Annika Unterburg
| "Now The Ball Is On Your Side"
21.03.2014 - 02.05.2014

It's about the private. At least that is what the domestic context suggests in which Annika Unterburg's installation "Now The Ball Is On Your Side" is located and observable by the viewer. A football, the simple wooden construction of two opposing goals and a chalk mark on the ground form the provisional scenery of a playing field inside the greenhouse. The conflict between the winner and the loser can be anticipated. The calm before the storm seems to be audible. Regardless of who will win here: The space surrounding the match will probably break.

The backyard where the installation can be found is the playground of a former boys' school. This adds another aspect to the work and shows its public dimension. Perhaps "The Ball Is On Your Side" could also refer to the daily struggle between inclusion and exclusion?

The Hamburg artist Annika Unterburg works with a variety of media and often works in public space. In her paintings, objects, and installations she combines reduction, seriality and the use of unusual materials. (

Annika Unterburg | Pressrelease


Christel Fetzer und Christiane Stegat |
09.05. - 27.06.2014

opening at friday, the 9.05.2014, 7 pm

As a response to the exhibition location super bien! the original function of the glasshouse has been redefined. Starting as the greenhouse in an allotment it has been transformed into a display case, a receptacle of art. Christiane Stegat und Christel Fetzer assign an additional function to the house, it dictates the form and display for the work: Schabracke.

The wooden construction covers the greenhouse on its flanks and its roof, this makes the greenhouse itself and its functions in invisible. The visitor encounters the facade of a hut. Through the aesthetics of the cover the greenhouse gets visually relocated into an allotment and is reduced to its most original form, a house.

Looking at the open front/face of the glasshouse, it is possible to see the cross-section as an empty shape. It could be seen as a module which could be continued on the two sides and repeated and extended at will. A solution for an unknown problem, Schabracke is a pragmatic product resulting from the resources of its location. (Schabracke -german -: rich embroided throw (over flanks and backs), pelmet, saddle pad, colloquial: old, worn out woman, shrew, old hag )

The project at the project at super bien! Is the first time that Christiane Stegat und Christel Fetzer have been working on a project together. Both artists have realised a number of commissions in the public realm. Both work with themes of principles of order, structures of social conventions, re-evaluation status quos and their work responds to them in different manners.

Christel Fetzer und Christiane Stegat | Pressrelease



04.07. -29.08.2014
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05.09. - 07.11.2014
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